You are currently viewing Hubbards’ Favourite Dog Friendly Beaches in North Norfolk

Hubbards’ Favourite Dog Friendly Beaches in North Norfolk


Our personal favourite – This beautiful sandy beach, set amongst sand dunes, stretches left and right directly from the pay and display car park.
If the tide is out you can walk for miles. Fabulous for letting your doggie friends have a blast. (Watch out for roped off areas further along to the right where ground birds may be nesting).
Go left to wander to the creek where you might see some basking seals (be mindful of your dogs swimming in the creek in case the seals are swimming!).
If busy with families at the entrance just keep walking and you’ll have space for just you (and other dog lovers!).
There’s a hut by the carpark for drinks for you, dog bowls of water and ice creams and there are dog bins by the toilets.
Beware – if there are signs warning of flooding at the entrance to the beach road do not drive through! Park at the church and walk left along the sea wall to the beach.


Another beautiful sandy beach (note that there are no dogs allowed immediately from the pay and display car park to the right).
You can climb the steps and walk left from here along the row of picturesque beach huts. We’d recommend keeping your dog on a lead until you get past them as it can be busy here!
Alternatively (and our preferred route) go to the end of the car park and walk through the gate into the pine woods. (This is where the dog bins are). Keep going straight till you reach the path down to the beach (near the toilets). Then walk for miles alongside the sand dunes (all the way to Holkham if you want a longer walk) or out to sea if the tide is out!. Beware the tide turns very quickly here so keep your eye out if it is coming in!


A must visit if this is your first time in North Norfolk. This is an amazing expanse of sandy beach.
From the pay and display car park you have 3 options at the new Lookout cafe:
1) Straight on for the boardwalk to the beach via the salt marshes. If the tide is out this is a lovely long walk in itself!
2) Turn left through the woods and get onto the beach by the boardwalk further down
3) Turn right towards Wells beach, along the edge of the pine woods. The latter is a good idea if it’s windy – to avoid sand in your eyes walk one way along the footpath and then come back along the beach!
Special note on walking your dogs on Norfolk beaches:
Not everyone is dog friendly so be mindful when walking your dog off the lead. 
Be aware of roped off areas which may contain nesting ground birds.
Always pick up after your dogs and put the bags in the designated dog bins.
ENJOY! Beaches in North Norfolk are amazing.